Welcome to Meatless Miami

Dear readers, Meatless Miami is proudly hosted by Choices Cafe. But don't be a stranger to the founders of Meatless Miami at Sweat Records...swing by and see them now and then for a vegan latte!

Sweat Records

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5505 NE 2nd Ave. / Miami / 786.693.9309

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes 
Vegan-friendly: Yes

Okay okay, OBVIOUSLY I'm biased here here but I still gotta spread the word... Sweat Records is my independent music store, opened in March 2005, hit hard and forced to move by Hurricane Wilma, and now quite happily settled into our cute new permanent space next-door to Churchill's. When we reopened here, we added an awesome full-service coffee and tea counter that's fully vegan and organic and fair-trade whenever possible. We offer regular and vanilla soy and almond milk, and for sweeteners we've got raw cane sugar, agave nectar, and stevia.  Even our cups and napkins are recycled!! We carry a full line of herbal and maté teas. Definitely our specialty and best-seller is our dark, velvety espresso, which is meticulously prepared in true Italian fashion (seriously, we had to take classes on this!). 

In addition to the beverages, we carry EARTHCAKES vegan cupcakes, Come Bebe empanadas (both locally-made and OH SO DELICIOUS), Alternative Baking Co. vegan cookies, and Primal Strips Vegan Jerky. We're open noon to 10pm Tuesday-Saturday and noon to 5pm Sundays.  We've got Miami's largest selection of new LPs, cool local merch and free wi-fi so stop by and hang out! We've got St*rb*cks beat six different ways.



vegdeb said...

Lolo, your place ROCKS! We love going for tea and earthcakes. And again, thank you x10000000 for writing meatless miami!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know this about Sweat Records! Honestly, last experience I had there wasn't too positive but I'd like to give it another shot.
Mostly for the goodies.

+em+ said...

hey there...came across your site looking to see who else in miami is trying to advocate for better eating!
nice to find you! check out my blog: organicsmiami.com
btw i dig sweat rec's too ;)

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