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Dear readers, I'm excited to announce that the awesome team at Choices Cafe are taking over Meatless Miami. Expect great things! Don't be a stranger and swing by Sweat Records now and then for a vegan latte.

Cheers, Lolo (@LKRMIA on Twitter and Instagram

Miami Squeeze

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18315 West Dixie Hwy. / North Miami / 305.935.9544

Hungry but can't decide what you want? In need of a smoothie or wheatgrass shot or pineapple-strawberry lemonade or all three to quench your thirst?? Well here's a suggestion with a selection - tucked between the train tracks and West Dixie near Aventura is a hidden gem called the Miami Squeeze (formerly the Big Squeeze) which boasts a massive menu of healthy goodness. A brief run-down of the sections: Breakfast (served 'til noon), Starters and Sides, Sandwiches, Hot and Cold Wraps, Melts, Platters, Salads, Specials and more. I had a huge pita sandwich with a big ol' slab of grilled tofu and my companion had a yummy falafel salad with tahini dressing. Happily, they're one of those places that realizes the importance of delicious dips and sauces in vegetarian eating and they offer several options (and for the flesh-eaters they do offer lean chicken and fish). Then there is the ginormous selection of fresh-pressed juices and whole fruit smoothies. You can sit on their nice patio or just walk up to their diner counter. I really wish this place was closer to my house, but I try to hit it up whenever I'm in the area. For those of you lucky enough to live nearby, they even deliver.

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Anonymous said...

I have eaten there sporadically for years. Today, I had a Kelly Green smoothie, carrot juice, the Chinatown Rice with Grilled Tofu and some falafels. Today was a good day. Last week, not so much. The Mango Berry Delight tasted like melted plastic. I ahve no idea why, but could not drink it at all.

I was concerned about their ongoing issues with code violations--11 on December 2008, 9 of them critical--so I hope they sort that out, since they are close to my house and convenient and I love some of their items.