Welcome to Meatless Miami

Dear readers, Meatless Miami is proudly hosted by Choices Cafe. But don't be a stranger to the founders of Meatless Miami at Sweat Records...swing by and see them now and then for a vegan latte!


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9537 S Dixie Hwy. / Pinecrest / 305.740.3433

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

EVOS is on a mission to be an all-American, healthy fast food joint, and they seem to be on the right track. There are vegetarian and vegan burger options clearly marked on the menu, which I give them huge props for. That said, the burger itself was just a decent, fast-food burger–a satisfying meal but pretty on par with the Boca burger I can make at home.

Neo fast food

As an unabashed french fry connoisseur, their Airbaked™ fries were really just... crispy potatoes. The concept is great, but I feel the execution and/or seasoning needs some tweaking as some of them definitely were over-Airbaked (yet I'd still take them over Shake Shack's desperately overrated, dry, bowling-alley-snack-bar-fries). I loved the ketchup station though, which offered cayenne, garlic and mesquite varieties along with the standard. I hear their veggie chili is excellent, so next time I plan on trying that and dunking my fries in it.

Also, since they are offering shakes and smoothies with organic dairy, they reeeally need to get on board and offer soy and/or almond milk. I am constantly hearing from veg folk and omnivores alike who are either nixing dairy completely or cutting way down. If I could get a vegan shake with my vegan burger I'd be driving to South Miami on the regular. Their website is right though, millions of people are starving for a healthier fast food fix, and I'm glad someone is giving it to them.



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