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131 26th St. / Miami Beach / 305.535.6332

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

Indomania is a cozy, intimate spot tucked off Collins and 23rd on South Beach. They serve up unique, tasty, extremely veg-friendly Dutch-Indonesian cuisine and I'm almost ticked off I didn't know about it sooner. That said, I am excited to share it here for others that have not yet had the pleasure.

I came with a large party for my best friend's birthday. Most in attendance were veg so several of us got together and ordered the family-style vegetarian Rijsttafel. It's basically a portion of every vegetarian/vegan item on the menu, over 12 in total. The items were almost all vegan, with only two of the dishes containing eggs (and the gado gado could've easily been sans ova).

Holy Vegetarian Rijsttafel! $24 per person for this and MUCH more

The food was fan-tastic. I'm generally not a huge tempeh fan but their skewered chunks were perfectly textured. The sauces, mostly curry- or coconut-based, were well-seasoned without being overpowering so that the taste of the vegetables still shone through. The eggplant was tender and not slimy, and even the simple yellow rice seasoned with lemongrass had us all going back for further scoops.

If you're dining in smaller numbers they offer a sampler plate for one and another veg entree or two. The desserts looked good but I can't vouch for their vegan-ness as by then we were all too happily full to contemplate them. The meal was pricey but well worth it for the atmosphere, the quality, and the incredibly attentive service. For a special occasion or a hot veggie date Indomania should be at the top of your list.