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367 Alhambra Circle / Coral Gables / 305.529.5555

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

Oneburger is another restaurant I finally tried after years of hearing about it again felt sorry I hadn't checked it out sooner. Indeed, unabashed meatiness abounds here but the overall feel and design of the place is sleek and simple, the prices are reasonable, and they have a well-thought-out set of veggie options. Oh, and YUCA FRIES!

Organic Veggie burger ($6.45), with avocado ($1.75), and yuca fries ($2.75)

Their main veg option is the "House Made 12 Ingredient Veggie Burger" which is vegan and can be prepared with several different topping styles. I opted for the Organic Veggie which came with tomato, baby greens and a balsamic sauce on a whole wheat bun. I added avocado and the result was perfection The burger itself was a nice change of pace from the Boca-style or mushy ones I've unfortunately come across lately–the 12 ingredients worked together and I could clearly distinguish chunks of black bean, corn, chickpea, sun-dried tomato, etc. Of course I got yuca fries on the side, oh-so-crispy on the outside and mashed-potato-smooth inside, and my companion's onion rings were lightly battered and perfectly textured.

My only slight criticisms are their lack of a vegan dessert, the almost $2 up-charge for avocado, and the fact that there seems to be cheese on nearly everything. Still, as a dedicated veggie burger aficionado, Oneburger gets my highest marks.


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MLEstyle said...

Do you know if the bun is also vegan? I have been tricked before by restaurants saying their burger is vegan, and I fin out the bun has egg in it…booooo.