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Dear readers, I'm excited to announce that the awesome team at Choices Cafe are taking over Meatless Miami. Expect great things! Don't be a stranger and swing by Sweat Records now and then for a vegan latte.

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Apple A Day

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1534 Alton Road / Miami Beach / 305.538.4569

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

Review by David Rolland of pablochiste.com
This is not a place to bring a hot date. Apple A Day is after all a cluttered health food store in a strip mall with very few seats that are not stools, but for a working person looking for a great vegan meal it is hard to beat Apple A Day's $7.50 soup and sandwich deal. The soup which is always vegan and changes daily usually contains an eclectic mix of quinoa, lentils, and various vegetables. This past time I went I was treated to a slightly spicy curry vegetable soup.

The sandwiches (which are actually wraps) are filled to the brim and heavy enough that many people take half of it to go. I enjoyed a barbecue seitan sandwich whose chewy presence shared room in the wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and hummus. Other vegan sandwiches include barbecue tofu, curry tofu, falafel, and veggie burgers. There's an eclectic mix of condiments on the counter to flavor your sandwiches including giant bottles of Annie's salad dressings.
Even though I'm a slave to routine and always hit the soup and sandwich deal. Apple A Day does offer other vegan options including various salads, a full juice bar, and other deli items such as spiced chickpeas and vegetable dumplings. If you have a sweet tooth though, you'll have to search the aisles and check the ingredients to see which cookies are vegan.

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Damian Bathory said...

It's definitely not a typical date place. That is, of course, unless you two are looking for pre workout supplements that you can actually scoop with a spoon.