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Dear readers, Meatless Miami is proudly hosted by Choices Cafe. But don't be a stranger to the founders of Meatless Miami at Sweat Records...swing by and see them now and then for a vegan latte!


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8020 S Dixie Hwy / West Palm Beach / 561.586.2622

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

Oh Darbster, how I wish I lived closer to thee. Several months back my friend and I made a pilgrimage to West Palm Beach to eat at the much-heralded vegetarian bistro Darbster (okay, and South Florida's only H&M).  To fuel up for our shopping excursion we hit Darbster first.  It's a cute little indoor/outdoor spot located next to a canal, and the menu is a smorgasbord of creative, veg-ified comfort food dishes (like palm cakes made with hearts of palm instead of crab cakes).  The prices are reasonable and everything looked so good it was hard to pick.  Here's what we ate:

Chicken Caesar wrap

Steak sandwich with a side of mac & cheese

Raspberry cheesecake!

All the food was delicious - for real delicious, not just "delicious for veggie food" - and the cheesecake was amongst the best I've ever had.  Judging by all the updates and photos on their Facebook page, they seem to be doing well.  Here's hoping to a long future for them, and perhaps one day another location further south!



Mrs Darbster said...


Thanks for the kind words-

Mrs. Darbster

Ps. We are hoping to head south soon!

debzinn said...

I'm sure you already know, but just in case you don't...Darbster opened in Boca! Not Miami, but definitely further south :-)

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