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Dear readers, Meatless Miami is proudly hosted by Choices Cafe. But don't be a stranger to the founders of Meatless Miami at Sweat Records...swing by and see them now and then for a vegan latte!

MAOZ Miami Beach

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1657 Washington Ave. / Miami Beach / 305.534.MAOZ [6269]

Vegetarian-friendly: 100%
Vegan-friendly: Yes

We've already posted that there is a MAOZ in Boca but we're so excited because now there's one right on South Beach!  It's on Washington just across from the Fillmore so here's hoping they stay open late(r) for post-concert munchies.

The premise of this Amsterdam-originated chain is simple: they serve up crispy falafel, either in a sandwich or on a salad.  You can start with "premium" add-ons (avocado, feta, hard-boiled egg), and/or just deck it out at the Salad bar, which has everything from roasted veggies to tabbouleh, salsa and sauces.

Maoz also has Belgian fries, daily vegetarian soups, reasonably-priced fresh juices, and great graphic design.  It's CHEAP too, $5.95 for the sandwich, $7.95 for the salad, with combo deals available.  They also cater so keep that in mind for your next event.  Hoping to see many more of these pop up around South Florida!



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