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Dear readers, I'm excited to announce that the awesome team at Choices Cafe are taking over Meatless Miami. Expect great things! Don't be a stranger and swing by Sweat Records now and then for a vegan latte.

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Yard House

320 San Lorenzo Ave. / Coral Gables / 305.447.9273
601 Silks Run / Hallandale Beach / 954.454.9950

Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes

At first glance, Yard House could easily be mistaken for just another upscale sports bar (after all the one I went to is in Merrick Park, one of Miami's schmanciest shopping centers).  However, all it takes is one solid read through the menu to realize that someone there knows what's UP.

One word: Gardein.  They have an entire section on the menu dedicated to dishes featuring this fantastic meat substitute that's winning vegetarian and omnivore fans alike (my omni boyfriend is obsessed), featuring everything from Sliders to a BBQ Chicken Salad.  You can also have any of their burger variants with a Gardein patty instead of meat.  

Yard House sets a great example for modern restaurants.  Why NOT carry a substitute protein, now that they're readily available and often less expensive than actual meat?  There are huge movements dedicated to "Meatless Mondays", being a "Weekday Vegetarian", and so on, so it's great to see a growing chain like Yard House leading the way.  They also have a squillion beers on tap (to find out which ones are vegan, check Barnivore.com).


-Review by Lolo

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Anonymous said...

NOT vegan friendly. They take vegan gardein items and literally add non-vegan things to it. I believe the ONLY vegan dish that is ok is the chicken rice bowl and the portabello burger but you have to really ask and make sure.