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MM's Picks

These are just a few dishes at places around town that stand out, in our humble opinion.


- the Frito Misto fried cauliflower appetizer at Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale
- the Vegan Platter at Books & Books Cafe on Lincoln Road
- Cookies 'N' Cream Earthcakes Cupcakes at Sweat Records (plug!) in Little Haiti
- the Vegetarian Rijsttafel at Indomania on South Beach
- tropical fruit flavored boozy sorbets from the Real Sorbet cart
- house-made and pan-seared seitan with chimichurri at Mi Vida Cafe
- Indian lunch buffet at Udipi Cafe in Sunrise
- polenta fries with homemade ketchup at Harry's Pizzeria
- the Brussels sprouts (sans bacon) at Gigi

More to come as we continue to nom...

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Sally said...

I was hoping to see at least one vegan shake amongst the menu. Well, maybe soon.